Adorable Fishing Apparel For Young Anglers. Free Shipping/Returns
Bring the Bullred Kids Fishing Apparel line to your store! We are currently accepting new dealers in the USA. If you would like to bring the Bullred Clothing brand to your store or boutique, please fill out the form below. Minimum opening orders must meet or exceed $200.

In order to preserve our reputation for providing customers with high-value products and to further enhance the Bullred Clothing brand image, we ask that dealers adhere to our minimum advertised pricing (MAP) guidelines when selling online (on your own website). You must maintain advertised pricing of double the current wholesale price (no lower than the price shown on our website). Find a copy of this policy here.

**Sales on third party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc... are NOT permitted at this time.**

We can accommodate most size orders and ship within 2 business days. For large orders that exceed the quantity we have on hand shown on the website, please reach out to us at There may be a small lead time if the quantity exceeds what we have on-hand at the moment.